FP 1000 Pipette

Art. No.: Z0008

Intended use:

FP 1000 Pipette is intended to be used with sterile filter tips (1000 µl) for application of 1 ml food samples (dilutions) on Compact Dry medium plates.

General Information:

Each FP Pipette undergoes a strict quality control at every manufacturing stage.
These low cost miniature fixed volume pipettes are individually calibrated as per ISO 8655 standards.

Each FP Pipette is fully autoclavable at 121 °C for 15 minutes

Products available:
FP 50 Pipette (white) Art. No. Z0006
FP 100 Pipette (yellow) Art. No. Z0007
FP 1000 Pipette (blue) Art. No. Z0008
FP 150 PIpette (orange) Art. No. Z0009

Art. No. Z0008