Trilogy® – naturally contaminated materials and mycotoxin standards

Trilogy® Analytical Laboratory is one of the few producers of certified, naturally contaminated reference materials and certified mycotoxin standards. Additionally, naturally contaminated quality control materials and analytical standards for daily quality assurance are available.

Trilogy® is a full service ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and accredited as a reference material producer according to ISO 17034. In cooperation with Trilogy®, we offer naturally contaminated certified reference materials and certified mycotoxin standards with metrological traceability. The fields of application of these highly characterized products range from method validation in ISO 17025 accredited labs to instrument calibration. Certified reference materials are available in 100 g packs of selected matrices. Both single and multitoxin options are available. Certified standard solutions contain one mycotoxin each, dissolved in organic solvents.

Trilogy® Quality Control Materials

These are naturally contaminated homogeneous products that contain a specific concentration of one or more mycotoxins. These materials have various applications including daily quality assurance, technician training, troubleshooting, proficiency testing and quality documentation. Trilogy® quality control materials are available containing the major mycotoxins in various matrices and levels of contamination: Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone, Deoxynivalenol and Fumonisin contaminated materials are available, as well as multitoxin QC materials. Commodities include corn and corn by-products, wheat, barley and malted barley, oats as well as complex products such as animal feed, pet food and spices. Samples are available in 100 g re-sealable foil packs.

Analytical Standards

Trilogy® also provides over 30 analytical standards for a wide range of mycotoxins, in solvents and in dry form. The Trilogy® analytical standards can be used for spiking experiments in order to check laboratory performance or for the analysis of mycotoxins by HPLC, GC or LC-MS/MS. Trilogy® dried standards are very easy to use. A simple reconstitution step reduces the need to handle hazardous mycotoxin powders. The liquid standards are ready to use and contain mycotoxins in dissolved specified organic solvents. They are both intended for use by customers who do not have a spectrophotometer or for those who want to ensure accurate HPLC/GC/LC-MS/ MS determination of mycotoxins with minimal preparation and effort.

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Trilogy® Liquid Standard DON


Trilogy® Liquid Standard DON contains Deoxynivalenol (DON or Vomitoxin) at a concentration of 100 μg/mL prepared in Methanol and packaged in 10 mL volume.