DNA preparation kits for DNA extraction for the isolation of bacteria and virus DNA.

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SureFast® Mag PREP Food


The kit is intended to be used for isolation of animal and plant DNA from food and feed as well as bacterial DNA from bacterial culture enrichments with the TANBead® Maelstrom 8 Autostage or Maelstrom 4800.

SureFast® PREP DNA/RNA Virus


The kit is the ideal tool for the isolation of DNA and RNA viruses nucleic acids from serum, urine, plasma, cell culture supernatants, foods (for example wash up fluids from fruits, salads etc.), filters from water samples as well as stool samples and swabs (for examples from work surfaces etc.). (Flowchart overview).

SureFast® PREP Salmonella


The kit is intended to be used for the isolation of Salmonella spp. – DNA from enrichments, avulsions and swabs. The SureFast® PREP Salmonella kit has been validated and certified in combination with the SureFast® Salmonella PLUS real-time PCR kit by AOAC (licence number: 041103).

SureFast® PREP-Bacteria


The SureFast® PREP-Bacteria kit is intended to be used for the isolation of bacteria DNA from food (enrichments, avulsions and swabs).

SureFast® Speed Prep


The SureFast® Speed Prep kit is intended for the fast and simple isolation of bacteria- and parasites-DNA from enrichment cultures and tissue samples.