RIDA® 0.9% NaCl (sterile)

Art. No.: Z0301

Intended use:

1 ml sterilized, physiological NaCl (0.9%) for activation of Compact Dry dry medium plates when to be used for membrane filters or as air sampling plates.

General Information:

For application break the cap of 1 ampoule and squeeze out the content on the nutrient pad of a Compact Dry plate for activation. Application does not require a micropipette and consumables (tips). Wear gloves to prevent cross contamination during handling.

Refer to Compact Dry instructions for plate incubation conditions and interpretation.

Art. No. Z0301
Test Format 30 x 5 Ampoules (break apart racks); content: 1 ml NaCl (sterile) each
Shelf life 5 years at room temperature (from date of manufacture)