Intended use:

Differentiation of beer spoilage bacteria and yeast in beer and beer mixing drinks.
The following bacteria and yeast are differentiated:
L. acetotolerans, L.backii, L.brevis,/L.brevisimilis/L.parabrevis, L.lindneri,
L.casei/L.paracasei, L.buchneri/L.parabuchneri, L.collinoides/L.paracollinoides,
L.perolens/L.harbinensis, L.plantarum/L.paraplantarum, L.coryniformis, L.rossiae,
Pediococcus spp. (P.acidilactici, P.parvulus, P.inopinatus, P.pentosaceus, P.damnosus),
P.claussenii, P.damnosus, Pektinatus spp., Megasphaera spp., Enterobacteriaceae,
S.diastaticus, Pichia anomala.

General Information:

The TaqMan® realtime PCR is based on hotstart PCR and sequence-specific dual
labelled probes (FAM/DQ; HEX/DQ; ROX/DQ) which, when accurately hybridised,
emit a measurable fluorescent signal of a defined wavelength in the extension phase.
The increase of signal is continuously measured in a real-time PCR detection

Art. No. TPBD 0096
Test Format 12 strips a 8 tubes