Intended use:

The kit allows the sensitive and group specific detection and differentiation between the beer spoilage micro organisms in pre-incubated beer or beverage samples:
Lactobacillus/ Pediococcus/Pectinatus/Megasphaera/yeasts
The screening and differentiation kit is designed for the use with the Lightcycler™ 2.0 and is based on the FRET technology.

General Information:

The beer spoilage micro organisms of the group of Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Pectinatus, Megasphaera, or wild yeasts may influence the beer aroma and taste. To detect these specialized beer spoilage micro organisms quickly during production or after filling, the real-time kit serves as a quick screening kit.

Art. No. PP1H 0050 LC2.0
Test Format 50 reactions
Sample Preparation The use of the GEN-IAL® Simplex® Easy DNA kit (SE 0100) or the GEN-IAL® First-Beer Magnetic DNA kit (FBD 0100) is recommended.
Incubation Time A preincuabtion for 48 hours in a suitable medium (as NBB or MRS) is recommended. The optimal pre-incubation condition must be validated individually in each brewery.
Shelf life 6 months