Intended use:

The SureFast® Influenza A H5/H7/H9 4plex is a multiplex real-time RT-PCR for the direct, qualitative detection and differentiation test of the influenza A-subtypes H5, H7 and H9.

The detection is done in a one step real-time RT-PCR format, where the reverse transcription is followed by the PCR in the same reaction tube. The isolated influenza A H5, influenza A H7 and influenza A H9 RNA is transcribed into cDNA by a reverse transcriptase. Gene fragments specific for influenza A H5, influenza A H7 and influenza A H9 are subsequently amplified by real-time PCR. The amplified targets are detected with hydrolysis probes, which are labeled at one end with a quencher and at the other end with a fluorescent reporter dye (fluorophore). In the presence of a target the probes hybridize to the amplicons.
The test contains an Internal Control RNA (ICR) as an internal control of sample preparation procedure and to determine possible PCR-inhibition.
The real-time PCR assay can be used with established real-time PCR instruments, equipped for detection of four fluorescence emissions at 522 nm, 553 nm, 610 nm and 670 nm (FAM, VIC, ROX and Cy5) at the same time. The technical validation of instruments was performed on Agilent Mx3005P, BioRad CFX 96, Roche LightCycler® 480 II/Cobas† and Applied Biosystems 7500.


Art. No. F7139
Test Format 100 reactions
Sample Preparation For RNA -preparation the use of SureFast® PREP DNA/RNA Virus is recommended.
Shelf life 24 month