Enzymatic tests are widely used as analytical tools for the analysis of food products such as fruit juices, wine or beer, dairy products, egg and meat. Enzymatic test kits are used for the determination of sugars, acids, alcohols and a few other food components.

The tests are based on high quality enzymes, enabling precise and specific measurement of each compound, even in complex matrices. Results are measured with a spectrophotometer and automation is possible.

Numerous enzymatic methods have been approved or validated by international organisations, of which the most important are:

AOAC (American Association of Analytical Chemists)
CEN (European Committee for Standardization)
IFU (International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers)
IDF (International Dairy Federation)
ISO (International Standardisation Organisation)
OIV (International Organization of Wine)

Enzymatic test kits for all purposes!

There is a variety of test systems for enzymatic analyses, including the international reference method “Yellow Line” by Roche, the Enzytec™ product lines “Generic”, “Color”, “Fluid” and “Liquid” as well as test kits for the convenient on-site biochemistry analyzer RIDA®CUBE SCAN.

The “Yellow line” kits are produced by Roche (previously Boehringer Mannheim), with more than 30 years of experience in the production of the enzymes, which are the key element of each test. The Roche test-kits have been used and validated worldwide for several decades, with many corresponding publications. They have been selected as reference method by the international organizations mentioned above, and they are still the reference quality today.

As alternative, R-Biopharm also offers the Enzytec™ Generic line.

Enzytec™ Fluid kits are produced by Thermo Fischer, a reputable company in the field of automation. These reagents are all liquid and ready-to-use, so they can be placed directly on any biochemistry analyser and stay on board for true random-access capability.

The Enzytec™ Color line is a new product range for colorimetric assays that are used in wine analysis (e.g. Iron, SO2, Tartaric acid). They are based on a chemical reaction with a chromogen in the visible range, without using any enzyme.

A particularly comfortable solution is a fully automatic system such as the compact and portable RIDA®CUBE SCAN. To perform the analysis, only the sample needs to be pipetted into the cartridge; all other steps are performed completely automatically. The result can be read on the display in less than 15 minutes.

Enzymatic tests are performed in a variety of food and feed segments, including alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits), animal feed, baby food, bakery products, confectionery, dairy products, dietary food, fruit juices, honey, meat products, pharmaceuticals, prepared food, oil, seafood, soft drinks, spices, vinegar and water.