Nitroimidazole antibiotics have been used to combat anaerobic bacterial and parasitic infections.

From the chemistry perspective, nitroimidazole antibiotics can be classified according to the location of the nitro functional group. Structures with names 4- and 5-nitroimidazole are equivalent from the perspective of drugs since these tautomers readily interconvert.

Drugs of the 5-nitro variety include metronidazole, tinidazole, nimorazole,  dimetridazole,
pretomanid, ornidazole, megazol, and azanidazole. Drugs based on 2-nitromidazoles include benznidazole.


EuroProxima Dimetridazole

Art. No.: 5091DIME

Intended use:

A competitive enzyme immunoassay for quantitative analysis of dimetridazole in various matrices.

General information:

Dimetridazole (DMZ) is a 5-nitroimidazole drug, traditionally used for the prevention and treatment of histomoniasis in turkeys, trichomoniasis in pigeons, genital trichomoniasis in cattle and the prevention and treatment of haemorrhagic enteritis in pigs. DMZ is listed in Annex IV of Council Regulation 2377/90/EC, and is thus banned from the use in food-producing animals.

The Dimetridazole ELISA is a competitive enzyme immunoassay based on antibodies directed against dimetridazole.

Art. No. 5091DIME
Test format Microtiter plate, 96 wells.
Sample preparation For shrimps, tissue, milk, egg and serum fast and efficient methods are included in the kit manual.
Incubation time 90 minutes
Detection limit Shrimps 0.8 ppb
Tissue 0.3 ppb
Milk 0.3 ppb
Egg 0.3 ppb
Serum 0.3 ppb
Cross reactivity Propionyl promazine 130% Chlorprothixene 20%, Acepromazine 110% Fluphenazine <0.01%, Chlorpromazine 100% Xylazine <0.01%, Promazine 50%