Intended use:

Solid phase columns for the purification of melamine from food and feed commodities.

General Information:

MELAMINE CLEAN-UP COLUMNS can be used for the clean-up of pigmented samples before detection by HPLC. The solid phase columns reduce background interference and improve the accuracy of results.

Art. No. P111
Test Format 25 Columns.
Sample Preparation The solid phase clean-up columns contain material to help remove interfering components or pigments from a food or feed sample. The adulterant is extracted from the sample, filtered and passed through the solid phase clean-up column. The filtrate is then collected prior to analysis by HPLC. The total clean-up time takes approximately 1 hour to perform. The result is reduced background interference therefore improving the accuracy of results.
Detection Limit LOD: 15.625 ng/ml.
Shelf life Shelf life of 2 years at room temperature.
Rapid Clean-up in less than 1 hour prior to detection by HPLC.
Robust Can be stored at room temperature.
Adaptable An effective clean-up system providing sample clean-up prior to analysis with HPLC. The columns are suitable for a wide variety of commodities.
Extraction solvents Acetonitrile.
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