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SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Peanut/ Hazelnut/ Walnut + IAC


The SureFood® ALLERGEN 4plex Peanut/Hazelnut/Walnut+IAC is a real-time PCR for the direct, qualitative detection and differentiation of specific Peanut (Arachis hypogaea), Hazelnut (Corylus maxima) and Walnut (Juglans regiaJuglans nigra) DNA sequences according to directive (EC) 1169/2011.


SureFood® ALLERGEN Hazelnut


The SureFood® ALLERGEN Hazelnut real-time PCR test detects DNA of hazelnut (Glycine max) according to directive (EC) 1169/2011 qualitatively and / or quantitatively. Each reaction contains an internal amplification control (IAC).