Reference Materials

Mycotoxin testing poses some unique challenges for analytical laboratories. Using certified mycotoxin reference materials as part of the overall QA program will give additional quality to the entire mycotoxin analysis.

_H2K8764_CMYKLowResA certified mycotoxin reference material is a naturally contaminated homogeneous product that has been certified to contain a specific concentration of mycotoxin. These reference materials can be utilized for a number of different applications including technician training, technician certification, proficiency samples, quality assurance, quality documentation and method validation. Reference materials are especially suitable for method validation since they are a homogeneous naturally contaminated material. These materials represent a natural product that is more difficult to extract and more realistic than utilizing spiked samples to evaluate mycotoxin extraction efficiency.

Trilogy® Certified Mycotoxin Reference Materials

Trilogy® Analytical Laboratory offers certified reference materials for quality control of mycotoxin methodology. Trilogy processes these samples under strict quality control procedures to ensure a homogenous reference material. HPLC/GC/MS quality certificates are provided with each batch. These naturally contaminated samples are ideal for validating methods, training new technicians and as positive control material during assays. Reference materials are available in various matrices and levels of contamination. Aflatoxin, DON, Fumonisin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone contaminated material are readily available, as well as materials with multiple mycotoxins. Commodities include corn and corn by products, wheat and wheat by products, barley and rice. Some more complex commodities include swine feed, pet food, gluten meal or wheat flour. Samples are available in 100 gram, 500 gram, and 1 kilogram sizes.

For further information check  or download the Trilogy Reference Materials Flyer.  For the actual availability and concentrations of Trilogy® reference materials follow this link.


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Reference Materials
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