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EuroProxima Fluoroquinolones


EuroProxima Fluoroquinolones is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for screening and quantitative analysis of a broad range of fluoroquinolones in various matrices.

EuroProxima Oxolinic Acid


EuroProxima Oxolinic acid is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the screening and quantitative detection of oxolinic acid in fish, shrimp and prawn.

RIDA® C18 columns


The solid phase extraction (SPE) with RIDA® C18 columns is an efficient technique for a fast and selective sample preparation, especially for the RIDASCREEN® and EuroProxima anabolic- and hormone enzyme immunoassays.

RIDA® Chloramphenicol Spiking Solution


RIDA® Chloramphenicol Spiking Solution can be used for the production of positive control samples suitable for the validation (e.g. determination of the recovery rate) of the RIDASCREEN® Chloramphenicol test (Art. No. R1511).

RIDA® Sample Decolorant


RIDA® Sample Decolorant is used for the preparation of samples, such as:

  • Wine for RIDASCREEN® Histamine (enzymatic) (R1605)
  • Liver and feed for RIDASCREEN® Clenbuterol (R1711)